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an offering  

to be read at the end of the book,

for every black womxn who opened yourself up to this journey..






i hope that you are celebrating yourself. i hope that you are proud of yourself. i hope that you are holding you so tight. you did it, sis. you made it through this process, and this is only the beginning. 

reading this book is not easy. working through these rituals is not easy. but you allowed yourself to be open. you let your inner[blackgirl]child know it is safe for her to be present in your life. you let your soul know it was safe to return to your body. you let your ancestors know you were ready to let them lead you closer to yourself, your love, your truth. 


you are doing so good, sis. you are doing so so good.


i have curated two additional playlists for you as you continue on your healing journey. 


the blackgirl feelgood playlist is for everyday moments of rest and bliss, for cooking and cleaning, for dancing around your room, for art making and creative time, for your morning routine. it is to remind yourself that you can journey from shadow work to feelings of bliss, joy, and ease at whatever pace feels right to you. 


sound healing + meditative music is for peace, calm, and centering. it is for the moments when you want to ground down, lean deeper into stillness, when you decompress, stretch, and lean into self space. 

feel free to utilize these playlists, along with the full mourning my inner[blackgirl]child playlist as you continue this journey. 


feel free to return to this book as it calls to you. feel free to return to these rituals as often and as regularly as your spirit desires.



as you continue your journey of self discovery, i hope that you remember..



it takes so much bravery and so much courage to be on your own healing journey. you deserve to be so very proud of yourself for loving yourself enough to do this hard and heavy work.



​healing is a life long journey. there is no point when you arrive to the finish line. it is ongoing. everyday there is something new to discover of yourself, something new to tend to. be patient with your process and know that you do not have to have all of the answers. you do not have to have it all figured out. trust the divine timing of your life. trust that what you need to receive will reveal itself to you in time. 


it is okay to feel your feelings. it is okay to feel stuck. it is okay to feel sad. it is okay to be honest about who you are and where you are today.


you do not have to do this alone. healing feels so much better when it is done in community. when we are in isolation, we block ourselves from experiencing some of the richest gifts of life. when we lean deeper into communal care, into vulnerability and authentic transparency, we open up new possibilities for our spiritual transformation.



i am sending you so much love on this journey, sis. continue to hold yourself close and know that you are doing so good.
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