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a method for

researching, teaching+ living

everyday round the way blackgirl methodology is a method for study, a method for pedagogy, and a method for survival. inspired by professional black girls' assertion that black femme culture deserves to be celebrated, we remain invested in the everyday round the way as a framework of possibility for black womxn healing. this method centers the boldness, the beauty, and the audacity of hood chicks/ ghetto girls to unapologetically show up in all one's truth, in all one's glory, affirming that both slay and pain are holy. we allow black womxn to come as they are, in sisterhood, in nurturing, and in affirming loving infinite grace. we release shame about not being proper enough/ poised enough/ "professional" enough. we rejoice in the safety of knowing that we can be lip smacking bamboo hoop rockin black girls who are healing to our own sacred rhythm. 

while we recognize that all black womxn healing may not identify as round the way girls, we center the round the way girls in an effort to proclaim that their disrespectable modes of taking up space in the world offer new possibilities for black womxn everywhere to reimagine our relationship to systems and structures that were never designed to get us free. 

every healing circle, exhibition, course, and publication unapologetically embodies an everyday round the way blackgirl methodology. in conversation with mikki kyndall's hood feminism and barbara smith's homegirls, this wayward lived round the way ethic becomes the ground we stand on. 

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