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Somewhere Between Levity and Mourning: An Exhibition of #BlackWomxnHealing  is a week long interactive art exhibit on levity, loss, longing, and belonging that uses creative space-making as a method for community building in the wake of COVID-19. The exhibition exposes how urban placelessness causes grief and mourning in Black women’s lives, how these disparities have been exacerbated by COVID-19, and how Black femme healing processes encompass joy and pain simultaneously. Our project builds community resilience by curating collective healing for those most marginalized, and meets the basic need of communal care by creating safe spaces for dialogue and reflection. Using a Black Feminist Geographies framework, we ask, How do BayArea Black women curate sites of levity when access to spatial autonomy remains precarious? How might we use Black feminist interior design as a method of communal care in the wake of urban crisis? 

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