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about us

naming harm. braving trauma. healing wounds.

collectively, through creatively curated sites of care, we work to hold, nurture, and affirm black womxn in their processes of healing.


merging a black feminist and womanist ethic of care, we center creativity as a primary site of self reclamation for black womxn. merging multiple art mediums with innovative gathering practices, we work to develop free space/ safe spaces/ brave space for black womxn to convene in the security of sisterhood.


we use neon+ nude as a metaphor for embracing the spectrum of our complexity. using the framework, we engage a holistic approach to knowing, loving, and caring for our bodies/ minds/ souls/ ancestries/ spirituality. we believe that each of these layers are interconnected and inform each other. we center inner child healing alongside intergenerational healing to understand what wounds have been passed down by black womxn across generations, and what curses we must break.


inner child healing is a tool that connects us more deeply with our creative spiritual selves. as we work to heal the wounds of our childhood, we heal our bodies, minds, souls, spirits, and ancestors. intergenerational healing provides insight into our ancestry, and helps us to see how antiBlackWomxn harm continues to inform our engagement with the world. 


we recognize that the harm has not stopped, and that healing for us as a vulnerable population will require the constant mending of wounds. many wonder, how can you heal when the harm don’t stop? we believe that we deserve love, joy, and peace of mind. we have hope that, even as these conditions continue to impede upon our capacity to be well, we can reimagine wellness in our own lives and reach toward freedom more and more each day. 


the conditions of our livlihoods may not change tomorrow, and the systems designed to ensure we are not well will not dismantle this week. yet we know that in our fight against these structured and layered violences, and in our frenzy to ensure we are able to survive, we deserve most of all to be well, as well as we can be as we fight for a world where we can feel more free. if we are not well today, we may not live to see the fruits of our labors tomorrow. we are done being martyrs. our healing is literally life or death, and we unabashedly choose life. 

we unapologetically center black womxn's culture in all its forms, with a particular focus on everyday round the way black girl magic. we reject any assertion that respectability politics (performing for/ assimilation into whiteness) will save us. our healing requires us to reclaim our true selves, in all of our ratchet glory. while we recognize that every black womxn’s true self may not be a round the way girl, we find deep inspiration in the assertion of unruly black womxnhood, unwavering flyness, and an unapologetic insistence on being raw and real and true in the way once shows up in the world. there is much to learn from the marginalized of the marginalized, the black womxn who have been shunned from acceptance because of their refusal to invest in whiteness. as we unlearn, we allow the looked over to be our teachers. 

we are getting free from fitting into boxes that were never designed for our liberation. we affirm that the way we show up in the world, in the ways that feel most natural to us, are valid. by becoming more and more of who we really are, the self that feels most free, we come to believe that we have always been way more than enough.

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