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dear beloved community,


welcome to this sacred convening where we honor and affirm everyday round the way black feminist healing arts. we invite you to connect deeply with the ancestral, spiritual, and somatic practices displayed in this space, and we hope that this art will make room for you to connect more deeply with yourself.  

this space is curated by blackwomxnhealing. blackwomxnhealing is an intergenerational collective that curates exhibitions, healing circles, publications and courses for and by Black womxn.We host our biennial exhibition that celebrates the healing work Black women have engaged within and beyond our healing circles. #blackgirlquarantine was blackwomxnhealing’s second biennial exhibition, and features 100+ artworks for and by Black womxn. Due to the COVD-19 pandemic, it was hosted virtually. This is our very first in-person installation of the exhibit, and we are honored to have you here to witness.


BGQ in Black and white.png

#blackgirlquarantine - by Courtney Lett - commissioned by blackwomxnhealing


Courtney Lett

Lead UXR, Core Experience at Hinge

Brooklyn, New York, United States

@lettmeknow (IG)

Joymara Coleman.JPG


JOYMARA Cajoya Coleman


A seed planted in New Orleans that blossomed into an East Oakland Soul Flower. Joymara is a diasporic African woman from east Oakland, California, by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. Joymara’s artistic expression is deeply rooted in the practices of truth telling, cultivating joy and self exploration. Joymara blends her experience of surviving the foster care system with her background in social work to advocate for her own healing and community justice.


@Joymara_Cajoya + @CultivatingJoyOakland (IG)

Kandace Mooore.jpeg



Kandace Moore is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in the state of New Jersey. After receiving her B.A. in Theatre Arts, she felt it was imperative to further her studies and to be able to identify what type of artist she was meant to be not based solely on her own needs, but the needs of those around her. After completing her first year of obtaining her M.A. in Theater Studies, REVE(A)LED by KM was then introduced to the world in September 2020. For the last three years, Kandace has honed in on her vision for this series of wearable art in the form of one-of-one embellished drags and has shared her journey on her social media platform, gaining a wealthy, supportive, and expanding community. As she continues to operate as the bridge between the Divine and the human race, it is Kandace’s firm belief that any art that she produces is meant to reach and communicate with all people, starting with those that look like her first.


The (A) in the word REVE(A)LED represents the honoring of two words coexisting in the one. If the “A” is removed in REVE(A)LED, the word that is left is “REVELED”. According to the Merrimack-Webster dictionary, the word “revel” is a verb that means to “take deep pleasure or satisfaction”. If the “A” remains, it leaves the original word “REVE(A)LED”, which is a verb that means “to make known through divine inspiration; to make (something secret or hidden) public or generally known”. After three years of research regarding color theory/therapy, holistic wellness (particularly healing crystal and gems), and the insistence to always have a finger on the pulse of the going’s on of the black community, Kandace Moore is moving forward in the mission of assisting black people in reveling in their beauty and reve(a)ling their divinity.

@mooreofkandace + @revealedbykm (IG)

BODY - LaurenOlivia James.jpg




@leo_ren82 (IG)




Zhané is a Black queer visual storyteller based in the Bay Area. By exploring one’s experience with mental health and healing, she uses photography, videography, and text to produce a full range of storytelling. For some viewers, Zhané's work may evoke a sense of enlightenment and curiosity. However, for viewers who share similar identities, her work may evoke reflection and complex emotions of pride, sorrow, a sense of kinship, as well as validation. Zhané hopes to invite all viewers to explore the range of Black womanhood outside the lens of being strong, beautiful, and resilient.

 @vibrance_bw (IG)

Sera Smith 2.jpeg
Sera Original.jpg



Bay Area

Nimot Ogunfemi - Noreen's Endarkening_Nimot Ogunfemi_2021 - Nimot Ogunfemi.png
Nimot Ogunfemi 2 - Pink Super Moon_Nimot Ogunfemi_2021 - Nimot Ogunfemi.png





reelaviolette, inspired by JANINE IRVING


Bay Area, New York, New Orleans

"It is with great sadness the department announces the passing of one of our graduate students, Janeen Irving. With her humor and intelligence, Janeen was a bright light in our department. She was completing her MA thesis and would have graduated in May 2021.  She was a gregarious, generous mature student who was whip smart and excited about completing her studies.  She brought her full self to all she did in the classroom, hanging out with other students and staff.

As our very first Mellon Arts Graduate Fellow, Janeen was assisting with our Black Arts Dialogues and had been a key factor in developing our podcast “Black Lives in the Era of COVID 19,” which characterizes her invaluable contribution to our academic community.

Janeen resided in New Orleans at the time of death, while completing her studies online. She is survived by two children Adjani and Jalil. Janeen's dedication to and passion for the arts and for African American and African Diaspora Studies is something we will never forget.

Family and friends have organized a GoFundMe site to assist with funeral and other expenses.
If you wish to contribute we have provided the link below.

In remembrance from the Faculty, Staff & Students

African American & African Diaspora Studies Department (AAADS)
Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS)
Columbia University"

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