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embracing the levity+ mourning 

blackwomxnhealing was birthed at the intersection of neons& nudes: a meeting of mourning and levity. when we say somewhere between levity and mourning, somewhere between neon and nude, what we mean is that our healing can be both light and dark/ bare and bright/ heavy and freeing at the same damn time. 


we mean that both our slay and our solitude are holy, that we are complex human beings who be multiple things all at once. we are both joyous and grieving, laughter and the blues, neon and nude and all the colors in between. inspired by everyday round the way black girl methodologythe theoretical and methodological framework that informs our academic work, we affirm that we can be both round the way and sacred soft and holy black girl at the same time. in fact, we affirm that the round the way is sacred and that the sacred is ghetto.


our identities exist on a spectrum, and in each of our bodies, we house a multitude of truths. each of those truths is valid, and each way those truths express themselves is valid. we are learning to embrace our expansive blackness, womxnhood, and being. we are learning to release the rigidity of black and white thinking, to let go and get free. 


just as our identities are complex, so too is our healing. we define healing as both self care and soul care. while self care may be a spa day, a nail date, or a yoga mat, soul care is the scary forms of accountability that require deep intentional reflection and processing. while self care may refer to the things that make us feel light and lifted, soul care refers to the darkness that we must confront in order to access our true inner self. self care enhances the soul, and soul care enhances the self. we believe both are equally necessary for our healing.


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