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our work

healing circles 

   blackwomxhealing circle (2022 - NOW)

    Selfology Sunday (2017 - 2022)

      a monthly series on healing body, mind, soul, ancestry, spirituality 


   This Sh*t is For US:

   An Exhibition of Black Girl Healing (SP 2019)

      an exhibition centering black womxn artists from the bay area 


an exhibition of blackwomxnhealing in the wake of 2020 (SP 2021)

      an exhibition centering 100+ artworks from black womxn + girls 


   mourning my inner[black/girl]child, nomadic press, 2021

      a book of poems highlighting black women's relationship with black                      girlhood



   UCSF Communiversity - Black Birthing & Matrilineal Healing (UCSF, 2024)

   UCSF Communiversity - Black Feminist Healing Arts (UCSF, 2023)

   Black Womxn's Healing in Film + Media (Merritt College, 2021)

   Black Feminist Writing + Healing (Young Women's Freedom Center, 2021) 

   Black Feminist Healing Arts (UC Berkeley, 2020)

   Black Feminist Artistry (Upward Bound, 2020)

   The Poetics of (Oakland Tech, 2017 - 2019)

   The Poetics of (Youth Speaks, 2016) for Girls of Color (Destiny Arts Center, 2016)

projects& partnerships

    Justice for Black Girls: Black Girls in College Classrooms (SUMMER 2020)

   California Black Women's Health Project (FALL 2020)


keynotes& workshops

   Harvard University, Inner Child Healing for Black Womxn (SPRING 2021)

   Emory University, Inner Child Healing for Black Womxn (SPRING 2021)

   NAACP Youth & College, Ancestral Healing + Activism (SPRING 2021)

   Justice for Black Girls, Black Girl Heal (For Toyin + Ma'khia) (SPRING 2021)

   South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SPRING 2021) 

     Black Womxn Well, UC Berkeley, Inner Child Healing (SPRING 2021) 

   Tougaloo College Textual Healing Conference, MS (SPRING 2021)

   Department of Youth, Children & Families, San Francisco, CA (SPRING 2020)

   Black Googlers' Network, Coming Home to Yourself (FALL 2020)

   Justice for Black Girls, For Black Womxn Who Serve Black Girls (FALL 2020)

   UCSF Young Women's Health & Leadership Summit (SPRING 2019)   

   Justice for Black Girls National Conference, NYC (FEB 2018)

   Black Googlers' Healing: Google Headquarters, CA (FEB 2018)

   Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama (JAN 2017)

   NAACP National Convention Mental Health Workshop, MD (JULY 2017)

   Project Row Houses Art Collective, TX (MAY 2017)

   Spirituality and Mindfulness, UCLA, CA (MARCH 2017)

   Morgan Girls Rock Conference, Morgan State University, MD (APRIL 2017)                 Drexel University Uniquely U Black Girl Summit, PA (SEPT 2016)

   Emory University Mellon Mays, GA (JUNE 2016)

   Kentucky State University, Louisville, Kentucky (MARCH 2016)

   Spelman College, Atlanta, GA (FEB 2016)






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