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body/ mind/ soul/ ancestry/ spirituality

blackwomxnhealing, formerly the movement, centers the framework as a tool for holistic self recovery. allows us to see ourselves as deeply layered, comprised of multiple parts. we recognize that the harm is layered, so our healing must be layered. we have endured harm to our body/ mind/ soul/ ancestry/ spirituality so our approach to healing must center our body/ mind/ soul/ ancestry/ spirituality. we work to know, love, and care for each of these parts of ourselves in our healing journeys. we view each of these layers as interconnected. when our spirits are unsettled, our bodies carry the weight. when our minds are clouded, our souls are often crying out for nurturing and affirmation. 


when we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors. we become more aware of the pain endured by generations of womxn who carried weight themselves. we learn navigation tools from our ancestors, and we discover new tools in their honor. we free up our bloodline when we heal on behalf of them, when we break the generational curses they could not afford to name in their lifetimes. 


over the past five years, we have hosted workshops across the country, from the naacp convention to the google headquarters. we have launched the course curriculum in multiple academic communities across the Bay Area. since 2017, we have hosted sunday, a monthly healing space open to all self identified black womxn who wanna be well. for more, visit links below. 

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