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mourning my



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dear sis,


this virtual healing experience has been curated with you in mind, to support you in your process of healing alongside the mourning my inner[blackgirl]child book. 

the three sections of the book coincide with the three pages on this site, listed below (I. blackgirl bluesoul, II. embodied bruising, III. ancestral grieving). each page includes a guiding ritual, a visual collage, a film, a playlist, guided meditations, and a list of songs and books that were referenced at the end of each poem in my book. the guiding rituals provide an order and a pacing for you to experience each virtual offering.

*each playlist is created on spotify, so if you don’t already have an account you can set up one free quick and easy here*


before you read each section of the book, i encourage you to follow the designated guided ritual in order to ground yourself in this process of healing. this is not mandatory. the book can be fully experienced without the virtual experience. the virtual experience was developed to provide interactive tools for healing as you process your own emotions while reading. if you feel you would rather experience the book without the virtual experience, please do. 

for those of you who are interested in engaging the virtual experience, please feel free to do so at your own pace. engage each offering in whatever way that feels right for your spirit. take as many breaks as you need to. if something does not resonate with your spirit, don't do it. if you have a practice that works better for you, do that. lean deeper into trusting yourself, and your own inner[blackgirl]child, through out this entire journey..

*it is important to have support as you navigate your healing journey. if at any point you feel triggered, i encourage you to tap into your support networks. if you have access to a therapist, a counselor, and/or a twelve step support group, utlize their support. if you do not have access to these means of support, but are interested in seeking this form of assistance, i have created this resource guide just for you.* 

breathe deep

breathe often

this shit is 


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